Specialty Products

At McAsphalt we pride ourselves in offering you the industry’s best technical support for asphalt products and processes. Our customized solutions combine our decades of experience with the industry’s top research and development to bring you the best range of economically viable options.

McAsphalt’s expertise in asphalt manufacturing and modification and our state-of-the-art laboratory and plant facilities allow us to custom blend asphalt products for many road- and non-road-related industries. Specialty binders can be engineered for recycling or rejuvenating aged asphalt and for use in unique environments, such as racetracks, airports or container terminals. We can also engineer custom blended products for the adhesives industry, roofing/waterproofing applications, drilling industry and board plants.


With the MCA Advantage, you get a partner and advisor who will consult with you about designs, specifications, technical services, processes and material selection. By developing innovative, products that offer additional benefits, such as peak performance in unique conditions, improved field performance, and greater environmental and health benefits, the MCA Advantage provides significant long-term cost savings, resulting in lower “total cost of ownership.”

Impregnating Emulsion

McAsphalt manufactures a complete line of asphalt emulsions for the board and felt industries. Asphalt-impregnated fiberboard is a lightweight sheathing product made from wood waste that can be used to provide a wall surface and shear strength for frame structures.

Custom Blends

McAsphalt’s expertise in the production and modification of asphalt and asphalt related products and our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to custom blend products for many industries.

Drilling Fluids

McAsphalt has manufactured drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry for many years. We possess the technology to custom manufacture stable drilling fluids on a batch-by-batch basis using standard materials, or your proprietary ones, to meet or exceed your rheological properties.