Polymer-Modified Asphalt Cements

Polymer-modified asphalt cements (PMA) have been used for many years to reduce the amount of severity of distress and extend the service life of hot mix asphalt pavements and overlays. McAsphalt offers the industry’s most advanced line of PMA, designed to maximize the beneficial effects of the binder on permanent deformation, fatigue and low-temperature cracking within your environmental and traffic conditions.

Benefits of PMA include:

  • Better resistance to permanent deformation (rutting and shoving)
  • Greatly improved tensile strength and elastic modulus
  • Improved temperature susceptibility
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Very good resistance to crack propagation (reflective cracking)
  • Excellent aggregate adhesion (good stripping resistance)
  • Increases pavement service life and improves life-cycle cost
  • No special handling or special storage conditions needed
  • Requires no special equipment during HMA production, transport or paving