McAsphalt manufactures a penetrating primer for brush or spray applications formulated with a blend of selected asphalts and petroleum cutback conforming to the requirements of a dampproofing/waterproofing primer PCGSB.37.GP.9. Dampproofing is not waterproofing. For protection against water penetration, try considering a waterproofing product.

McAsphalt’s primer is a surface conditioner that enhances the bond between the substrate and waterproofing membrane or other asphaltic type coatings and can be used as a dampproofing coating to prevent migration of moisture through masonry or concrete structures.


  • Cures to form a tough asphalt coating.
  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range.
  • Easy to use—may be brushed or sprayed on and no dilution is required.
  • Multiple applications possible for thicker membranes.
  • Adheres to concrete, wood and metal.