Asphalt is used for a multitude of agricultural applications including cattle feed lots, poultry house floors, barn floors, greenhouse floors, reservoir liners and fence paint. The US Department of Agriculture has determined that asphalt flooring “is acceptable for use in storage pads for agricultural commodities.” Asphalt has proven to be more resilient than concrete in silage bunker silos and storage pads, as the acidity of the runoff may eat away the concrete surface.

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Barn/Fence Paint

Asphalt-based fence paint is fortified with special oils designed to penetrate, preserve and protect wood and other types of surfaces. It will also add years of service life as it rustproofs metal, preserves wood, dampproofs stone or brick and rejuvenates composition surfaces.

Hydro Seeding Mulch

Asphalt emulsified in water makes an excellent mulching agent and is advantageous in windy areas and on steep slopes. In the case of hydroseeding, the residual asphalt forms a light coating on the mulch to hold it in place until seeds can germinate.

Dust Suppressants

Aggregates, minerals, fertilizers, soils and other commodities stockpiled degrade due to weather. Erosion of road shoulders, embankments and stockpiles can cause material loss and environmental damage. Some dust suppressants have anticaking properties.