Liquid Road®

Liquid Road® is a high-performance, fibre-reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers, mineral aggregate and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. The product can be used as a sealer over an existing oxidized and aged pavement or in combination as a seal over a newly placed chip seal.

Features and Benefits

  • Extends the service life of pavement
  • Replaces the pavement binder that is lost through oxidation
  • Provides a rich black colour that helps to melt snow and ice
  • Protects pavement from oxidation, UV rays and moisture intrusion

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The emulsion manufactured for the use in Liquid Road is produced to a specific specification. In order to make Liquid Road® the emulsion is blended with a one sized (20-30 mesh) clean, hard, durable sand. The proportions are typically 100 gals of emulsion mixed with 400lbs of sand.

Asphalt Emulsion:

The asphalt emulsion is a polymer modified, fibre reinforced product containing special surfactants to give superior adhesion, flexibility and durability.


The aggregate that is blended into the asphalt emulsion is 20-30 mesh, hard durable sand, which gives the finished seal a smooth homogeneous abrasive texture.

In order to construct a proper well designed Liquid Road® the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Design a seal with aggregate to be used on job.
  • Use the proper sand.
  • Ensure compatibility of aggregate and emulsion.
  • Calibrate and inspect all equipment.
  • Follow proper construction techniques.
  • Optimum performance with two coats.
  • Use traffic control to protect seal.
  • Work only in weather suitable for application (typically 10°C and rising)
  • Typically 1.0 l/m². Varies depending on porosity of existing surface