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Resisting fuel, cracks and ruts since 1996.

The first FAA-specified fuel-resistant asphalt pavement.

StellarFlex FR® is a highly polymer-modified asphalt binder formulated for the extreme stresses that airport pavements must endure: exposure to jet fuel and the enormous weight of slow-moving aircraft.

Safe and worker-friendly, StellarFlex FR® features a polymer modifier that allows asphalt to resist damage from jet fuel and hydraulic oil, as well as rutting and cracking. In the process, StellarFlex FR® eliminates the need for coal tar sealers and extends pavement life substantially.

Backed by a proven, 20+year track record of success, StellarFlex FR® is the first    product to meet the FAA’s “P-601, Fuel Resistant Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement” specification.

Cost-effective production, application and wear

Asphalt mixes using StellarFlex FR® can be produced at any hot mix plant without the need to modify equipment or operating procedures, so production and application doesn’t generate additional operating expenses.

StellarFlex FR® need only be used in the surface layer of the pavement (minimum 1.5” thickness) to deliver years of superior protection against fuel and pressure-in-duced failure modes – without the recurring costs or health risks of coal tar sealers. Some StellarFlex FR® airport pavement applications have been in place for more than 15 years and show no signs of rutting or cracking.