EVERLIFE FLEX is a high performance asphalt mix designed to be placed as a single-lift overlay while using standard paving practices and equipment.

EVERLIFE FLEX is a cost effective mix that can be tailored depending on traffic volumes and climatic conditions to provide superior flexibility at winter temperatures and high level of resistance to rutting at summer temperatures. 

EVERLIFE FLEX mix can be produced at lower temperatures (90 to 120°C) which can reduce emissions and energy consumption. Compaction temperatures may be lowered to a range of 80 to 100°C with reduced job site fumes and increase worker safety during the paving operations.


• Rural roads and housing subdivisions with low traffic

• Moderate to heavy traffic volumes on city streets and at intersections

• Thin overlays on concrete pavements


EVERLIFE FLEX will use customer aggregates and is designed upon request to meet and exceed the requirements outlined in the specification.

• Highly polymer modified asphalt cement

• High quality aggregate; tailored gradation to provide superior rut and fatigue resistance

• Increased AC content to provide durability and extended fatigue life under repetitive heavy traffic

• Engineered binder to provide enhanced resistance to extremely low temperature cracking

• Maximum performance will be achieved when combined with a high performance tack coat such as McAsphalt’s Clean Bond Coat Emulsion or granular sealer such as Enviro – Prem emulsion primer.

EVERLIFE FLEX PMA asphalt binder contains specialty modifiers and additives that will enhance mix handling during production and provide better field workability at lower temperatures when compared to traditional HMA, while also achieving targeted mix density. It is engineered to provide adequate level of resistance to distresses, such as:

• Rutting resistance to higher pavement temperatures

• Superior fatigue resistance at intermediate and freeze thaw temperatures

• Enhanced thermal cracking resistance at low pavement temperatures.


EVERLIFE FLEX specifications will vary depending on jurisdictions and local practices. McAsphalt Engineering services will design the mix to meet all specifications and performance criteria required, including:

• Custom selection and formulation of the highly modified EVERLIFE FLEX PMA

• Aggregate selection and blending

• Designing the mix do meet all volumetric requirements, using either SUPERPAVE or Marshall design methods

• Performance testing and application recommendations

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