As part of our commitment to developing new and green asphaltic products, McAsphalt Research & Development team has developed a high-performance mixture that can be produced and paved using standard practices and equipment.


Branded as EverLife Flex, this mix was first introduced to the Quebec paving industry in October 2017 for a project located in southwestern Quebec. For this job, EverLife Flexwas engineered to traffic volume and climatic conditions specific to the project by performing series of performance tests on mixture, and asphalt binder to ensure the adequate strength to resist different modes of distresses, including: (1) permanent deformation (also known as “rutting”) caused by repetitive traffic loading coupled with relatively hot summer temperatures; (2) fatigue cracking due to repeated long-term traffic load; and (3) low-temperature cracking caused by shrinkage during winter temperatures.



Additionally, warm mix technology was incorporated into this mix to produce and pave the mix at temperatures that were significantly lower than temperatures required for conventional asphalt mixtures. EverLife Flex for this project was produced and placed at temperatures less than 110°C as oppose to 160°C for a conventional asphalt mixture. Such reduction in temperature was translated into lowered emissions and energy consumption at the producing plant and no visible job site fumes to increase worker safety during the paving operations as shown.



It is important to note that EverLife Flexfor this project was placed as an overlay on a road that was severely distressed. This mix until now has exhibited excellent performance. This mix brought relatively significant cost saving for the municipality maintaining the road; in terms of eliminating the milling operations and traffic control needed for milling operations.




More information can be found in EverLife Flex process overview at:



Author: Dr. Sina Varamini, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Research and Development Manager) with contributions of Michael Esenwa, P.Eng. (Technical Services Manager)