Operational Excellence

By establishing clear goals, strategies and objectives, McAsphalt has been able to successfully implement a comprehensive Integrated Management System (ISO 9001/14001), which has allowed us to sustain our competitive advantage.

The corporate culture and values of our employees are in alignment with our goals; this is reflected in our employees’ commitment to quality, health-safety-environment considerations and providing the best customer experience possible.

McAsphalt employs more than 300 people across Canada. Our team members are trained to service customers with quality products “On Time,” and ”On Spec,” “Safely.” Our experience allows us to meet or exceed your expectations.

We understand that time is money. Our goal is to supply products on time, every time. We have an extensive maintenance program to make sure our facilities are ready when you are. Our strategically located terminals can supply your needs from multiple locations should emergencies occur.

Our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to produce paving grade asphalts, emulsions, cutbacks and sealers to meet all standards across Canada and the US. Each of our facilities is equipped with a QC lab and trained employees. Stringent internal specs and clear production parameters allow us to produce quality products efficiently.

Prominent safety programs and constant training ensures that we have safe facilities for our employees as well as all customers. Safety programs are coupled with environmental programs to reduce waste, air emissions, water monitoring and raw material management. McAsphalt facilities are taking an aggressive approach to reduce our impact on the environment.