For every phase of pavement design, pavement construction and material testing, McAsphalt is proud to offer you the MCA Advantage: our industry-leading consulting services. Draw from our decades of experience and expertise, our stable and experienced team of engineers, our state-of-the-art R&D, our commitment to the highest level of service—and our connections from coast to coast in Canada.

Customers demand service, quality, reliability and responsiveness at the lowest cost. McAsphalt Logistics delivers numerous customer-service advantages, based on our unique ability to transport by truck, rail and marine.

McAsphalt’s diversified terminal installations and highly qualified logistics personnel provide flexible transportation solutions that help reduce transportation costs and enhance communication, achieving synergy in our customer-supplier relationship.

McAsphalt’s Logistics team gives you a strategic advantage in your marketplace-whether you need our products shipped around the corner or across the world.

Technical Field Support

The McAsphalt Technical Services team offers professional consulting services covering every phase of pavement design, pavement construction and bituminous material testing. With more than 40 years of experience in bituminous materials engineering and design in countries throughout the world, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians has the knowledge and expertise to solve every technical challenge of today’s road construction industry. We operate three regional technical services laboratories covering the entire country. Our certifications and affiliations include a CCIL Type A, B and E certified lab, three AASHTO R18 labs, one PEO engineering licensed terminal, and AEMA and ISSA affiliated asphalt emulsion and slurry labs. We formulate, design, test and troubleshoot any bituminous product or process, with special emphasis on asphalt recycling and environmentally friendly and sustainable products and processes. We utilize the most recent ASTM, ASSHTO, DOT and Asphalt Institute testing and design protocols. All our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Research and Development

The McAsphalt Research and Development team takes pride in its ability to develop new products and processes catering to the changing needs of road building in today’s society. In order to facilitate such research and product development, the R&D laboratories of the McAsphalt Technical Services department are actively pursuing various research projects at all times throughout the year. We are committed to the development of new and green asphaltic products, as well as innovative and sustainable asphalt pavement processes. For more than 40 years, McAsphalt has been at the forefront of new paving technologies and materials. Our R&D program is conducted out of our three state-of-the-art research centres and our R&D team includes engineers, scientists and technicians with world-class expertise in the fields of civil, chemical, materials and environmental engineering and science. Our research has produced over 40 papers and publications in scientific journals and at international conferences and congresses. Our innovative drive has maintained McAsphalt as a leader and a pioneer in many paving technologies, such as cold recycling, micro-surfacing, high-performance chip sealing and green paving material. With membership in all the major North American technical associations representing the asphalt industry and through continuous investment in our research and development program, McAsphalt will continue to remain a step ahead in pavement technology.

Operational Excellence

By establishing clear goals, strategies and objectives, McAsphalt has been able to successfully implement a comprehensive Integrated Management System (ISO 9001/14001), which has allowed us to sustain our competitive advantage.

The corporate culture and values of our employees are in alignment with our goals; this is reflected in our employees’ commitment to quality, health-safety-environment considerations and providing the best customer experience possible.

McAsphalt employs more than 300 people across Canada. Our team members are trained to service customers with quality products “On Time,” and ”On Spec,” “Safely.” Our experience allows us to meet or exceed your expectations.

We understand that time is money. Our goal is to supply products on time, every time. We have an extensive maintenance program to make sure our facilities are ready when you are. Our strategically located terminals can supply your needs from multiple locations should emergencies occur.

Our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to produce paving grade asphalts, emulsions, cutbacks and sealers to meet all standards across Canada and the US. Each of our facilities is equipped with a QC lab and trained employees. Stringent internal specs and clear production parameters allow us to produce quality products efficiently.

Prominent safety programs and constant training ensures that we have safe facilities for our employees as well as all customers. Safety programs are coupled with environmental programs to reduce waste, air emissions, water monitoring and raw material management. McAsphalt facilities are taking an aggressive approach to reduce our impact on the environment.

Technical Services and Field Support

We pride ourselves in offering you the industry’s best technical support for asphalt products and processes. Roads are a significant infrastructure investment; in the planning stages, short-term savings can add up to long-term costs in terms of maintenance, repairs and the eventual need to rebuild.

Our customized solutions combine our decades of experience with the industry’s top research and development to bring you the best range of economically viable options.

McAsphalt’s Technical Services has the knowledge to solve the challenges of today’s road construction industry. We can help you maximize the field performance of your infrastructure investment—it’s all part of how we deliver the MCA Advantage.